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Swarms and Bee Problems

Connecticut Beekeepers Association does not offer removal, extraction, or extermination services.

If you are dealing with a bee removal issue, please call an exterminator in your area.

swarm of bees on fence post
Example of Swarm on Fence Post


Early spring is when honey bees swarm to reproduce. An existing colony splits and about half takes off for a new location. But sometimes the swarm gathers in a cluster before heading to their new home. You may see one that looks like this either in a tree, on a bush, or on a fence post.

bee colony inside a wall
Bees Inside a Wall

Bee Problems

Sometimes swarms may take up residence in your home and you may see them flying in and out of a hole in the siding or any place they find a spot to start a new colony. In this photo, with the siding removed, you can see how bees will sometimes build a new colony inside the wall. Removals of this type are time-consuming and beekeepers charge appropriately for this service.

Not sure what you have?

Should you see insects flying in or around your home and you have safety concerns, please call an exterminator for a consultation and they will determine which insects you are dealing with. If the insects do turn out to be honeybees, an exterminator should not kill them.