Beekeeping Workshops

For almost a decade, we have partnered with Massaro Community Farm in offering hands-on beekeeping workshops from March through September.* The first & only apiary workshops conducted on a CSA farm site in Connecticut, these focus on best practices in maintaining healthy colonies in Langstroth hives, with particular attention to the monitoring of honey bee pests and diseases.

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Onsite Training and Hands-on Beekeeping Activities

Our workshops are open to the public and donations are accepted at the apiary site. Massaro Farm is located at 41 Ford Road, in Woodbridge. Because of the popularity of our March and April programs, particularly to new beekeepers, we offer two sessions of instruction and pre-registration is required. The remaining workshops are conducted in one early morning session. 

Bring your Beekeeping Questions

Appropriate attire is necessary: long trousers and long sleeves. Veils will be provided, or bring your bee suit. The workshops are weather dependent and dates/times are subject to change. Please check back for changes or cancellations prior to attending.

Hosted by Ted Jones

Our workshops are conducted by Ted Jones of Jones Apiary. With over 47 years of experience as a beekeeper, Ted's workshop instruction is based on a wealth of knowledge and skill acquired over years in beekeeping. He has been active in CBA throughout his beekeeping career, serving as president of our organization for seven years. He is the CBA delegate to the American Beekeeping Federation and with his wife, Becky, recipient of the CBA Beekeeper of the Year Award and the Charles & Evelyn Divelbiss Award from the Eastern Apiculture Society. Ted is recognized in New England and beyond for his expertise, and he consults with many organizations, institutions & beekeepers to provide contemporary best practices guidance & direction for the challenges facing beekeeping today.