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Beekeeping Workshops

CBA offers beekeeping workshops from March through September at our Boulder Knoll Bee Yard in Cheshire, Connecticut. These workshops focus on best management practices for keeping healthy and productive colonies throughout the seasons. We offer learning experiences for Langstroth and top bar hive beekeepers.

Onsite Training and Hands-on Beekeeping Activities

Pre-registration Required

Our beekeeping workshops are open to the public, and donations are accepted onsite. Due to the popularity of events, Pre-registration is required so we can get an accurate count of attendees. Please register for each workshop you'd like to attend.

Safety & Attire

All participants at CBA bee yard activities or any other CBA-sponsored event involving live bees must be properly dressed and wear personal protective equipment designed specifically for beekeeping. Personal protection equipment and proper dress includes, but is not limited to, complete coverage of bare skin with light-colored clothing - nothing black. All participants must wear a proper bee veil or bee suit and closed-toed shoes at all times. Bees sting and inject venom, so if you are concerned about your reaction, please consult a physician before attending.

Weather & Cancellations

All Bee Yard Workshops are weather-dependent, and dates/times are subject to change. Please register to receive updates about changes to workshop scheduling.

Register to attend upcoming workshops:

Can't make it to the Bee Yard?

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