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CBA Youth Beekeeping Workshops

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Join us at the CBA Bee Yard for Youth Beekeeping Workshops this Summer!

Join Beekeepers Mike and Tim for CBA Kids Workshops. These on-site events are great opportunities for youth ages 6-13 to learn more about beekeeping and even get a chance to work some hives at the CBA Bee Yard. So kids, come join us each month starting in May to see what's happening in the hives, ask all of your bee-related questions, and build your beekeeping skills!

Everything about these events will be kid-centric. The workshops are geared towards kids, from the presentation to the hands-on learning to the Q&A. While each kid (or group of kids) needs a supervising adult to attend with them, any adult questions will get lowest priority.  Adults, you can bring your questions to the Saturday Bee Yard Workshops.

This is not a drop-off program; kids need to be accompanied & supervised by a responsible adult. All participants and supervising adults are required to wear protective equipment.


Give kids a great head start in becoming backyard beekeepers!

Youth beekeeping workshops will occur one Sunday a month from May-September, 10:00-11:30 AM at the CBA Bee Yard in Cheshire. Please register below or at our events page to attend.


Adult Supervision

All participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible supervising adult at all times, and cannot attend Bee Yard activities or events alone.

Safety & Attire

All participants at CBA bee yard activities or any other CBA-sponsored event involving live bees must be properly dressed and wear personal protective equipment designed specifically for beekeeping. Personal protection equipment and proper dress includes, but is not limited to, complete coverage of bare skin with light-colored clothing - do not wear black. All participants must wear a proper bee veil or bee suit and closed-toed shoes at all times. Bees sting and inject venom, so if you are concerned about your reaction, please consult a physician before attending.

Weather & Rescheduling

Just in case it rains or there is inclement weather on the day of a workshop, we may reschedule any workshop to another day. If this happens, we will notify all registered attendees - make sure you register to receive event updates!


Meet the Instructors:

Tim Dutcher
Tim Dutcher

Tim Dutcher is the lead beekeeping instructor for Huneebee Project, a non-profit based in New Haven that connects youth to their environment through beekeeping. He began working with bees in the summer of 1999, and from the moment he first stepped into a bee yard, he could feel the buzz of the bees all the way into his bones and knew that beekeeping was for him. In his work as an environmental educator, Tim has introduced thousands of young people to the magic of beekeeping, through workshops, school visits, and most importantly, opening hives with them. Tim loves answering any and all questions about bees - bring your questions!

Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas is a hobbyist beekeeper, executive director of R&D/Engineering for a local medical device company, and active leader in BSA scouting in his hometown of West Hartford.  His affection for all pollinators comes from growing up on a family farm in western Massachusetts.  After many years of attending country fairs and seeing many observation hives, he finally took the plunge into beekeeping in the spring 2021 and has never looked back.  His beekeeping educates his family, friends, and coworkers on the importance of pollinators and having them join in hive inspections and apiary visits.  He has been in scouting leadership for the past 14 years, where he enjoys mentoring and guiding scouts of all ages.  Michael loves spending time with family, friends, and being outdoors.


Register to attend CBA Bee Yard Youth Workshops using the links below:



About our Bee Yard

Boulder Knoll Bee Yard

875 Boulder Rd, Cheshire, CT 06410

CBA established a new bee yard in 2022 to provide an ideal space for teaching the art of beekeeping. The yard is easily accessible, with ample parking. Situated on the top of a rise in the landscape, the new yard offers both bees and participants plenty of open space and full sun. The area's floral sources are abundant and bloom from early spring until late fall. Join us at CBA’s Boulder Knoll Bee Yard for a hands-on beekeeping experience!



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