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Connecticut Beekeepers Association provides resources on many common bee issues, but does not offer answers or provide solutions via email. Please use the links below for help or check our blog for additional information. Have beekeeping questions? Please register to attend one of our monthly Bee Talks discussion groups.

  • Having trouble signing in?
    To sign in, you'll need to use the email address and password you created when you initially joined. If you can't remember your password, please click the "Forgot Password" link during sign-in, and check your spam filters for password reset instructions. If the system still isn't recognizing you, please contact us and we will reset your account.
  • Can I change my sign-in email address?
    Sorry, but your email address is directly connected to your membership and cannot be changed. If you need to update your address, please cancel your account create a new membership using a different email. If you are unable to cancel your original account, please reach out and we will take care of it.
  • How can I get notified if an event is rescheduled?
    In order to receive updates on an event, please register to attend. This will add you to the list of people who receive notifications about an event's status, including rescheduling or cancellation.
  • Where can I watch event videos?
    To watch Bee Talks and Bee Yard Workshop videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel >> To watch Guest Speaker videos, please sign in here using your CBA Membership to explore our full video library >> Not all event videos are available for viewing. To watch Bee School videos: Ticketed Attendees - Please check your email for recordings sent at the completion of Bee School. Otherwise, you may purchase video playback here:
  • How can I use my CBA membership discount on events?
    Many of our events are discounted or free for CBA members. To use your discount, please sign into our website during event registration, and your discount will be automatically applied to the ticket price.
  • I'm a member, but I'm not receiving emails from you. How can I fix this?
    If you're a member of CBA, you should be receiving our emails. If you aren't seeing our emails in your inbox, please search your Junk & Spam folders. We send to all members in bulk, and sometimes bulk emails may be rejected by your system, depending on your email provider's settings. Still having problems? Please contact us, giving us your correct email address so we can check it against our system and make sure we're sending to the correct address.
  • I tried to join, but my payment was declined. Can you help?
    If your payment has been declined, please check your bank or credit card system to make sure this transaction is marked safe, and remove any blocks or flags on your online purchase. Sometimes, the transaction may appear to come from WIX within your purchase history. If you are still unable to complete your payment, please try using our PayPal option, which will allow you to use a credit or debit card without having a PayPal account during check-out.
  • Can I access Membership Meeting Minutes?
    CBA Membership Meeting minutes are available upon request. To access, please contact us HERE >

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