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Browse our resource links and articles about common beekeeping methods and important issues facing Connecticut Beekeepers...

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Watch Special Event Videos with Guest Speakers from across the world of beekeeping, covering a wide range of modern beekeeping practices, ideas, and scientific research...

Videos include:

Pheromones and Cooperation & Conflict in Honey Bees with Dr. Christina M. Grozinger

Native Pollinators with Dr. Kimberly Stoner

Principles of Good Beekeeping and the Thermodynamics of the Hive with Etienne Tardif Honey Bee Chemical Communication and Hygienic Behavior with Dr. Kaira Wagoner

Beneficial Bee Habitats and Reducing Pesticide Risks with Aaron Anderson

USDA Programs for Pollinators, with Izzy Hill

Tackling Honey Bee Disease with Dr Jay Evans

Beekeeping in Kenya with Marian Frazier

...and more added throughout the year!


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Our monthly Bee Talks videos and Beekeeping Workshops are available on our YouTube Channel - Please subscribe for notifications. New videos added monthly!