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Are you passionate about bees and want to dive deeper into the world of beekeeping? From beginners to seasoned pros, CBA offers something for everyone. For just $30/year, you'll have access to a wealth of beekeeping knowledge and support from our vibrant community.


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CBA membership grants you access to an array of Special Guest Speaker events and discounted Bee School registration. Sign in to use your membership discount while registering for events.

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Can't make it to an event? No worries! As a member, you have access to our full Video Library. Updated monthly. Watch videos with top guest speakers from around the world, on topics like All About Queens, Controlling Parasites in the Hive, Improving Pollinator Health, Beneficial Bee Habitats, USDA Programs for Pollinators, and so much more, from leading beekeeping experts like Dr. Cameron Jack, Dr. Kimberly Stoner, Dr. Dewey Canon, Dr. Heather Mattila, Dr. Jay Evans, Doug Tallamy, and more...

Beekeeping Mentorship Program

If you're new to beekeeping or looking for more 1-on-1 support, CBA’s Beekeeping Mentorship program is for you. Apply to find a mentor or become one yourself. It’s a great way to share knowledge and help each other succeed along our beekeeping journey. CBA Members can apply here to find a mentor or volunteer as one.

Bee Talks discussion group

Have questions or concerns about your hive? Attend our monthly Bee Talks discussion group to get answers from experienced beekeepers. It's a collaborative space for backyard beekeepers to engage, learn, and grow, while sharing your ideas and observations with others.