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Connecticut Beekeepers Association

At Connecticut Beekeepers Association, our purpose is to increase public awareness of the importance of honey bees for Connecticut agriculture and the environment. We are here to foster strong bonds among beekeepers and to promote the education and the advancement of the scientific knowledge of beekeeping and its related activities for the benefit of beekeepers and our communities. Our goal is to provide a common forum for the beekeepers of Connecticut to come together to share information and ideas.

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Become a Member

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Automatic renewal or 1-year options

Together We Can Achieve Our Goals:

  • Identify common problems facing Connecticut beekeepers 

  • Share scientifically based ideas and information about pest and disease treatments

  • Increase public awareness of the benefits of consuming native honey and hive products

  • Bring new people into the hobby for a rewarding experience with honey bees and beekeeping

  • Swap stories of past successes and failures

  • Give you a voice with State and national representatives on issues that affect the industry


We invite you to join our association and become a beekeeper. Our annual membership dues are only $30 per year.


We partner with Boulder Knoll Community Farm in offering hands-on beekeeping workshops from March through September.


Membership includes meetings, workshops and special events featuring knowledgeable speakers sharing information on beekeeping topics.


Dynamic monthly discussion group - your opportunity to engage with experienced beekeepers for answers and get help with any beekeeping concerns.


Learn the essential skills you'll need to become a great beekeeper. Hands-on experience with beekeeping skills.


We post important info regarding beekeeping in Connecticut, including registration links and tips & tricks from experienced beekeepers.

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