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Connecticut Beekeepers Association provides resources on many common bee issues, but does not offer answers or provide solutions via email. Please use the links below for help.

Need Bee Removal or Extraction?

Connecticut Beekeepers Association does not offer removal, extraction, or extermination services.

Dealing with Bees or Wasps?

Concerned about a Bee Swarm?

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Common Bee Problems

Can you help remove bees from my property?

Connecticut Beekeepers Association does not offer removal, extraction, or extermination services. Please contact services in your area for help with bee removal.

Am I dealing with honey bees or wasps?

We frequently receive calls from people saying they are having trouble with honeybee hives, when what they really have are yellow jacket or hornet nests. Before you reach out to an area removal service, please learn how to identify the difference between Honey Bees, Wasps/Hornets, Bumblebees, and Carpenter Bees. Read More >

Concerned about a bee swarm?

We get many calls, especially during early Spring, from folks wanting help with bee swarms. CBA does not offer removal services, but can help you learn more about swarms. Read More >

I'm new to beekeeping and would like to learn more - where can I start?

We offer many resources for new beekeepers: Get Beekeeping Information at our blog, Register to Attend Workshops and Special Guest Speaker Events, Watch Beekeeping Videos on our YouTube channel, and Bring Your Questions to our monthly Bee Talks.

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