Learn from experienced beekeepers and connect with like-minded people to learn the essential skills you'll need to become a great beekeeper! Covering topics essential to Connecticut Beekeeping, this day-school intensive will immerse people in the concepts needed for success.

Become a Beekeeper or Brush up on Your Beekeeping Skills!

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Bee School offers On-site Training

Appropriate attire is necessary: long trousers and long sleeves. Veils will be provided, or bring your bee suit. The workshops are weather dependent and dates/times are subject to change. Please check back for changes or cancellations prior to attending.

Past Sessions Include:

  • Beekeeping Terminology and Basic Equipment

  • The Bee Colony and Its Organization: Workers, Drones & Queen

  • Starting with Bees: How to Hive a Package of Bees

  • Where to Locate Your Apiary

  • Colony Management for Late Spring and Summer

  • Fall Management and Winter Preparations

  • Bee Diseases and Colony Registration

  • Honey Production and Processing

About Connecticut Beekeepers Association

Connecticut Beekeepers Association promotes and supports all beekeepers and their local organizations. Our goal is to provide a common forum for the beekeepers of Connecticut to come together to share information and ideas.

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