Bee School

Bee School

Learn the essential skills necessary to becoming a great beekeeper! Held each year, and covering fundamental topics in Connecticut Beekeeping, this intensive 4-day workshop immerses you in the concepts needed for beekeeping success.

Get your start in beekeeping or brush up on your skills!

Bee School 2022
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  • Beekeeping Terminology and Basic Equipment

  • The Colony and Its Organization

  • Starting with Bees: How to Hive a Package of Bees

  • Colony Management

  • Suburban Area Hive Management

  • Seasonal Hive Management

  • Fall and Winter Preparations

  • Bee Diseases and Colony Registration

Are you new to beekeeping?

Get started on the right track. From terminology to setup and organization of your first hive to coverage of diseases that affect bees and honey production here in the Northeast, our Bee School sessions offer instruction and guidance from knowledgeable beekeepers and experienced professionals.

Already an experienced beekeeper?

Learn more about winterizing your colony or fighting disease, discuss the latest techniques and get advice from local professionals, swap stories, and elevate your beekeeping knowledge.

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