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Bee School Replay

Missed last year's Bee School? Download video playback of our most recent Bee School for valuable insight into current beekeeping practices + watch Q&A with expert Beekeepers. 


Includes all four session videos, covering topics like: 

  • Terminology and Equipment

  • The Colony and Its Organization

  • Setting Up Your Hive in Suburban Areas

  • Getting Started in Beekeeping

  • Navigating Colony Management throughout the Seasons

  • Bee Diseases, Pest Management, and Colony Registration

Bee School Replay

  • Session 1

    Basic Terminology and Equipment, with Walter Schwartz

    The Colony and Its Organization, with Bill Hesbach

  • Session 2

    Getting Started in Beekeeping & Setting up Your Hive in Suburban Areas with Bill Hesbach

  • Session 3

    Navigating the Management of Your New Colony Through the Seasons, with Dr. Cameron Jack

  • Session 4

    Bee Diseases, Pest Management, and The Registration of Your Colonies, with Dr. Meghan Milbrath