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How To Register Your Hives - Video

Please take a moment to register your hives this spring and help us all enjoy a safe beekeeping season.

Our State Entomologist, Victoria Lynn Smith, put together this helpful video to assist you in the process. The initial registration requires a few steps to complete but yearly renewals are a breeze after that.

Bee colony registration is required by law, and for good reason. Our State Inspector Mark Creighton cannot help you defend against a disease outbreak if he doesn't know you are a beekeeper, and his only resource is registrations.

CBA maintains a link on our site with written instructions on how to register, but we encourage a review of the video before you start. The state is more than willing to assist with registration should you have difficulty and there is always the option to submit a paper registration. Victoria provided all the contact information you will need on the video.

Bill Hesbach

CBA President