Hive Registration Drive

Alder bush and other species bloom throughout the spring. The link provided will give you a comprehensive list of what blooms and what you can expect during each season in CT. It's a good start to making your own bloom calendar.

You may be asking how Alder bush and other blooms are connected to hive registration - good question. Alder bush blooms on its own every year with clockwork regularity and is an important source of pollen for honey bees to maintain their health. On the other hand, hive registration requires your participation or it will not happen but is equally important to the health of your colonies.

Hive registration gives you access to our bee inspector Mark Creighton ( ) who will come to your colony and help you with varroa control and many other health issues. Having your colonies registered protects your colonies in another important way. Mark will contact you in the event that there is an outbreak of disease in your area and will advise you about how to protect your colonies.

CBA is asking that you use the link and fill out the electronic registration form which will simplify registration now and in future years. We are all in this together as a community and this is one way we can join to keep our bees safe.

Bill Hesbach

CBA President

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