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Beekeeping in Kenya with Maryann Frazier

August 9, 2022 6:30 PM

Beekeeping in Kenya

with Maryann Frazier

Maryann speaks about beekeeping in Kenya and the outreach programs she & visiting United States beekeepers have established for a school and clean water accessibility project in a Kenyan region. Maryann is now retired and continues to keep bees and organize tours to Kenya.

CBA members will have an opportunity to donate to this life-changing project!

Maryann Frazier standing in front of a bee yard in the daytime, holding part of a beehive
Maryann Frazier

Speaker Details:

Maryann Tomasko Frazier, BS Agricultural Education. Penn State University, Masters of Agriculture in Entomology, specializing in Apiculture

Penn State University Senior Extension Associate, Department of Entomology

Penn State University Center for Pollination Research, East African Honeybee Studies

Maryann received her B. S. in Agriculture Education from Penn State University in 1980. In 1983 she completed a Masters of Agriculture in Entomology, specializing in apiculture. She has worked as the assistant state apiary inspector in Maryland and for two years as a beekeeping specialist in Sudan and later in Central America. For the past 27 years she held the position of Senior Extension Associate in Penn Stateís Department of Entomology and had responsible for honey bee extension throughout the state and cooperatively across the Mid-Atlantic region. She has worked collaboratively with members of PSUís Center for Pollinator Research (CPR) to understand how pesticides impact honey bees and other pollinators. In addition, she has worked with a team of CPR and Kenyan researchers to understand the impacts of Varroa mites on East African honey bee subspecies and help Kenyan beekeepers become more productive. She has taught courses in beekeeping, general entomology and teacher education and has participated in the Entomology Departmentís innovative public outreach program. Maryann retired in 2016, but continues to keep bees, assist new beekeepers and organize tours to Kenya for beekeepers and others interested in experiencing the culture and keeping of bees in East Africa.

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