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Planting Flowers for Bees in Connecticut

Download this helpful guide to planting flowers for bees in Connecticut

by Dr. Kimberly Stoner, PhD

Department of Entomology, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station has published a PDF guide on "Planting Flowers for Bees in Connecticut." Aimed at both beekeepers and gardeners, the document provides an in-depth look at native, bee-friendly plants suitable for Connecticut's climate. The guide emphasizes the importance of selecting native flora, details bloom times, and offers garden construction tips to attract local bee species. Critical for those interested in bolstering bee populations and, by extension, local ecosystems, this guide serves as a comprehensive tool for effective, ecologically responsible gardening in Connecticut.

"...providing a safe source of pollen and nectar benefits all kinds of bees, including honey bees and a wide diversity of native bees. The best way to do this is to provide a diversity of flowers blooming over a long season that are attractive to bees and that are protected from pesticide spray and drift."


Stoner, Kimberly A. (2023). Planting Flowers for Bees in Connecticut [PDF]. Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. Accessed October 27, 2023.