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Beekeeping with Impact, with Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich

February 16, 2023 6:30 PM

Beekeeping with Impact

with Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich

Noah discusses how his passion for bee health, research, and data-based solutions drove The Best Bees Company forward from his apartment in Boston to 12 cities nationwide.

Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich
Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich

Speaker Details:

Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich, Ph.D.

CEO and co-founder of The Best Bees Company

Noah Wilson-Rich, Ph.D., is CEO and co-founder of The Best Bees Company, the largest beekeeping service in the US. He is an urban ecologist, published author, and 3-time TEDx speaker on a mission to expand the bee population and improve pollinator health. His scientific approach makes an outsized impact on the larger mission to save the bees.


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