Announcing CBA's New Video Library

Our new Video Library is up and running

The library is growing, with a few of our recent Zoom recordings including last month's special guest speaker Steve Repasky. The library will keep growing as we create interesting content with more special guest speakers, monthly Bee Talks, and our seasonal workshops.

The library is for members only so you will be required to login to get access. If you aren't yet a paid member of CBA, now is a great time join us!

The Video library can be accessed from the Members dropdown on our site menu. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to access all publically-available content (some special guest speaker videos will not appear on our YouTube channel).


SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Chennel for access to all public videos >>

About Connecticut Beekeepers Association

Connecticut Beekeepers Association promotes and supports all beekeepers and their local organizations. Our goal is to provide a common forum for the beekeepers of Connecticut to come together to share information and ideas.

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