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Reading the Health of Your Colony with Dr. Dewey Caron

Thursday, November 4th, 6:30 PM

Reading the Health of Your Colony

with Dr. Dewey Caron

Have you read a good book lately? We can read the hive like a book. Turn the page (other side of the frame or remove a different frame) and the mystery story might be resolved or deepen. Unfortunately we might be looking at deadouts this month or next spring when we return to our bees. How to read frames and hives with emphasis on how to do a necropsy on dead hives.

Dr. Dewey Caron

Speaker Details:

Dr Dewey M. Caron is Emeritus Professor of Entomology & Wildlife Ecology, Univ of Delaware, & Affiliate Professor, Dept Horticulture, Oregon State University. He enjoyed professional appointments at Cornell (1968-70), Univ of Maryland (1970-81) and U Delaware 1981-2009, serving as entomology chair at the last 2. He spent a sabbatical year at the USDA Tucson lab 1977-78 and had 2 Fulbright awards for projects in Panama and Bolivia with Africanized bees. Dr. Caon retired from Univ of Delaware in 2009 and moved to Portland, OR to be closer to grandkids.

He remains very active with EAS having served many positions including President and Chairman of the Board and Master beekeeper program developer and advisor. Since being in the west he organized a WAS annual meeting and served as President of WAS and am currently member-at-large to the WAS Board. He represents WAS on Honey Bee Health Coalition. Dr. Caron is principal author of HBHC Tools for Varroa Management and Best Management Practices and Identifying and Mitigating Foulbrood in Honey Bee Colonies; Information for Beekeepers and Veterinarians.

In retirement he remains active in bee education, writing for newsletters, giving Bee Short Courses, assisting in several Master beekeeper programs and giving presentations to local, state and regional bee clubs. He authored Honey Bee Biology & Beekeeping, major textbook used in University and bee association bee courses and have a new bee book (my 10th) The Complete Bee Handbook published by Rockridge Press in 2020. He is a regular contributor to bee magazines and has an regular American Bee Journal column (Beekeeping Basics). Each April he does and subsequently publishes a Pacific Northwest bee survey of losses and management as well as a PNW pollination survey.

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