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Gifts from Our State Bee Inspector

Our State bee inspector Mark Creighton has been busy on your behalf writing a federal grant that allowed him to purchase valuable bee equipment for beekeepers in CT. With the grant money, Mark has purchased the following list of products used to detect and deter our number-one pest: Varroa Mites.

Available, at no cost to you:

Drone Trapping Frames - used as part of an integrated pest management strategy for varroa removal

Alcohol Wash Jars - an effective method used to determine a varroa mite infestation level

Powdered Sugar Kits - also used to do a mite count for determining an infestation level.

Plastic Robber Screens - used to discourage varroa migration by preventing robbing

Bee Gyms- a device bees use to dislodge or injure varroa mites

Also available will be pertinent literature.

To receive:

On May 15th at Lockwood Farms in Hamden, between 8 am and 12 noon Mark will be in the open-air pavilion, for an outdoor event to distribute and explain the use of these devices. Supplies are limited so get there early!

Mark has already distributed some of these devices to previous groups so we are requesting that if you have already received them, please allow others to take advantage of this offer first. But come anyway to meet Mark and other members of CBA. Throughout the morning, Mark and other knowledgeable members will be available to answer questions and explain the proper use of these devices. We hope to see you there. As usual, masks and social distancing are required for all attendees.