Good News for Mentors!

Many of our members continue to express a desire to be assigned a mentor. While we have been able to accommodate some of that demand, there are always many more mentees than available mentors. In response, the CBA board has decided to make some changes to our mentorship program to make it more attractive and productive for experienced and patient beekeepers to volunteer as mentors.

Mentorship Benefits

A primary enhancement to the program is allowing mentors once a year the opportunity to choose from among a number of free benefits. The benefits available will depend on a mentor’s responsiveness to mentees, the number of mentees they have, their effectiveness as a mentor, and our available resources. We are pleased to announce that current benefits include a mated queen, use of the extractor, $35 credit to a vendor on the Bee School vendor list and an Amazon gift card not to exceed $35.

To learn more about becoming a mentor with CBA, please visit our Mentorship Page HERE >

Happy Beekeeping - We look forward to hearing from you.

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