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Don't miss the latest on Varroa with Dr. Cameron Jack

As you may know, this month's guest speaker is Cameron Jack from the University of Florida. Cameron is a leading authority on many beekeeping subjects, and we are privileged to have him in person at the New Haven Ag Station - and it's time to register. This event is live only and will not be recorded, so if you want to learn from an expert in the field, this is your chance to gather as a group for a unique experience from one of the best minds in our beekeeping community.

Hope to see you all there!

Bill Hesbach CBA President

Please register below - FREE to CBA Members

October 21, 2023 9:00 AM - 3:00PM

In-person event LIVE at the Connecticut Agricultural Station, New Haven Connecticut - Register to attend.


Ins and Outs of Oxalic Acid

Seasonal Efficacy of Varroa Treatments

BREAK FOR LUNCH (12pm-1pm)

*Please bring your own refreshments - snacks and lunch are not included.


Screening New Chemicals Against Varroa

Q&A following afternoon session - open question and answer period with Dr. Jack and Bill Hesbach.

The Latest on Varroa

with Dr. Cameron Jack

This is an opportunity to meet one of the nation’s top bee scientists from the University of Florida. Dr. Cameron Jack will cover three important research topics on varroa and give us the latest updates on the applied science of the research. His warm and engaging presentation style will make for an informative discussion.

Dr. Cameron Jack
Dr. Cameron Jack

Speaker Details:

Cameron Jack, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Entomology and Nematology Department

University of Florida, Gainesville

Cameron Jack is from a small farming community northeast of Las Vegas, NV. His grandpa was a sideliner beekeeper, so Cameron grew up around honey bees and beekeeping. He obtained his Master’s degree at Oregon State University under the mentorship of Dr. Ramesh Sagili in 2015. There he conducted research on the honey bee gut pathogen Nosema ceranae. He then traveled across the country to pursue a Ph.D. at the University of Florida under the mentorship of Dr. Jamie Ellis where he began investigating methods to control the devastating pest Varroa destructor. In 2018, Cameron was hired on as a teaching faculty at the University of Florida and has been obsessed with creating a premier educational program that prepares students for the many challenges associated with beekeeping. He currently teaches 10 honey bee-related courses and has created an online Beekeeping Certificate Program at both the undergraduate and graduate level. In 2021, he transitioned into an Assistant Professor position where he continues to teach and conduct research focused on pesticides, pathogens and parasites that affect honey bees.