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Bee Talks Recap | March 2023

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In this episode of Bee Talks:

00:00:00 - Maximizing honey production with swarm management

00:12:35 - Comb production colony ideas

00:17:55 - Welcome and Bloom Calendar

00:19:46 - Bees will fly in low temperatures and find early pollen sources

00:22:00 - When can I do my first inspection?

00:25:12 - What’s it like to live with bees in my yard?

00:30:52 - Thank you, Bill and José, and CBA team for all you do!

00:33:28 - If my stores are low, should I add food?

00:37:25 - Should I treat my new nuc when I place it into the brood box?

00: 41:20 - Why are my bees missing their heads?

00:44:58 - How can I split my hives?

00:47:12 - Let’s talk open feeding - should I do it?

00:52:00 - How can I control yellowjackets?

00:55:49 - Should I reverse boxes to reduce swarming?

00:58:08 - What should I do about carpenter bees in my house?

00:59:46 - Can I use a single deep brood box with a queen excluder?

01:04:05 - Can I use two queen excluders as a way to manage swarming?

01:10:15 - Which type of split do you recommend?

01:11:58 - Will I harvest any honey the first year?

01:15:13 - Is there a way to ‘trick’ the hive out of swarming?

01:18:14 - Should I use metal or plastic queen excluders?

01:20:38 - Event Schedule

01:21:10 - Can I use pre-made comb made of paraffin?

01:24:23 - When should I add supers to overwintered hives?


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About Bee Talks:

Bee Talks are held the 2nd Thursday of each month. Each session includes an open question & answer period followed by a seasonally-appropriate topic discussion to help guide you through the beekeeping year. Open to every beekeeper regardless of experience or the type of equipment you use, these sessions will support your beekeeping practice and help you get the critical information you need to be successful.

Bee Talks are led by Bill Hesbach, Eastern Apicultural Society Certified Master Beekeeper and graduate of the University of Montana's Master Beekeeping Program. He teaches bee biology and beekeeping methods at events hosted by regional organizations, and appears as a guest speaker at national seminars. Bill is on the Board of Directors for the Eastern Apicultural Society, and is President of the Connecticut Beekeepers Association. His articles appear in Bee Culture, Bee Craft, and The American Bee Journal.