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What is this, you might ask? Well, it's a specially fabricated all-metal tool used to pull dead bees out of your bottom board entrance to keep the opening clear for bees to take winter cleansing flights. The hooked end is inserted through the bottom board opening and the dead bees can be raked out in no time at all. Of course any mouse guard must also be temporarily removed during cleaning.

CBA has ten of these great little tools that were fabricated for us by our member beekeeper Chris, to be used as a fund raiser. We are indebted to Chris for his generous donations and we are offering them to interested members for a minimum of $20 plus postage. The proceeds, as always, will be 100% applied to advance our educational efforts.

Chris made me one of these about five years ago and I have used it every winter since. If you want one of these little gems, send us a note with your complete mailing address to and we will calculate a price that includes the $20 plus postage and make arrangements to get one to you. We only have ten so it's first come first served.

Take care of your bees.

Bill Hesbach

CBA President