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Who's Queen Anne Anyway?

This time of year the fine lace of this biannual flower in the carrot family blooms prolifically on roadsides and in fields.

Known as "Queen Anne's Lace" one myth has it that Queen Anne of England (1664-1714), who was an accomplished seamstress, pricked her finger and a drop of blood fell on the center of the lace she was sewing and the name was bestowed in her honor.

The perennial question about this biannual is its benefit to pollinators. According to the literature, Queen Anne's Lace produces both nectar and pollen, and there are also accounts that some beekeepers in other areas can make a crop of honey from the bloom. But in our area, I have only seen bees energetically skate over the top of the small followers with no apparent pause that would allow for the collection of anything. If you have observed bees actually foraging please send me a note using the email link below. Better yet, send a photo or video of bees working the bloom.

There will be more posts to come on August Blooms, and if you have a specific question send me some email.