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CBA is looking for a few technical beekeepers to help with video work and website updates.

Both volunteer positions are not full-time and will not require a burdensome commitment, but they will provide personal growth in marketable skills and an enhanced beekeeping experience. CBA is a growing club with over 700 members, so don't miss this opportunity to grow along with us! If you are interested in either position, please send us an email at

Tech Beek - Video

If you are comfortable around bees and have an interest in video, CBA needs your help. Video work with bees is an excellent way to enhance both your video and beekeeping skills. Our videographers would be filming with master beekeepers and other highly experienced beekeepers during workshops and other demonstrations. CBA will provide any training and equipment you need. So if you are making videos for YouTube, TikTok, or your family events, you are already likely to have the experience we need.

Tech Beek - Website

Interested individuals will help monitor our website and coordinate postings and uploads, including helping with our growing YouTube channel. Those chosen will have the opportunity to learn or improve their skills from our current website administrator. Learning from our highly experienced website designer is a terrific opportunity for someone looking to get more involved with CBA and develop or enhance a marketable skill.

Bill Hesbach

CBA President