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Henri Is On Its Way - Tropical Storm Preparation

bee hive amidst foilage

Tropical Storm Henri will cross our state somewhere near the center sometime on Sunday.

CBA suggests you prepare for the worst-case, meaning protect your colonies by either strapping them down to their stand or putting a substantial weight (around five pounds) on top. If one of your colonies falls over or a tree branch hits it, it may not be prudent to take action in the thick of the storm. Play it safe; the bees need a beekeeper. If your colonies are strapped to their stand, you will be able to pick up the colony and right it, hopefully, without a lot of damage to the colony - that's the advantage of strapping the whole colony together as a unit.

Whatever happens, we wish you the best and hope you and your bees survive the winds and rain, which you are both likely to do just fine and arrive safely on the other side of the storm.