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Drought Warning - Check Your Colonies!

This map shows the extent of drought conditions in our state (click the link for an explanation of the colors). Depending on where you live, at this point, your bees may need to be fed to continue to thrive. CBA is encouraging every beekeeper in the state to assess the stores in their colonies and take action to feed if needed. Keep in mind that large robust colonies can die very quickly during a severe drought. Also, queens will sometimes cut back or stop laying and you may mistake this for a queen-less colony.

If you need to feed and have not harvested yet, you may want to consider leaving the supers on for the bees to eat. This time of year you can feed 2:1 sugar syrup which means the mixture is two parts sugar to one part water - click the link for mixing instructions.

Join us this Thursday the 9th at our monthly 6:30 pm Zoom Bee Talks for more information but, in the mean time, don't delay checking!