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Watch Bee School Videos

Video Playback Available

If you didn't attend Bee School, we've got you covered!

Purchase video playback of our most recent Bee School to gain valuable insight into current beekeeping practices and watch the Q&A with leading experts.

NOTE: If you purchased Bee School tickets, you do not need to re-purchase video replay. Please reach out to us at if you purchased tickets but need video links.


Playback Includes:

Session 1

Basic Terminology and Equipment / Dr. Dewey Caron

The Colony and Its Organization / Bill Hesbach

Session 2

Setting Up Your Hive in Suburban Areas / Bill Hesbach

Getting Started in Beekeeping / Randy Oliver

Session 3

Navigating the Management of Your New Colony Through the Seasons / Randy Oliver

Session 4

Bee Diseases, Pest Management, and The Registration of Your Colonies / Mark Creighton