Principles of Good Beekeeping and the Thermodynamics of the Hive
Fri, Jul 30 | via ZOOM

Principles of Good Beekeeping and the Thermodynamics of the Hive

with Etienne Tardif
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Jul 30, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM EDT
via ZOOM


“Principles of Good Beekeeping and the Thermodynamics of the Hive”

with Etienne Tardif

Etienne will cover basic health, nutrition, environmental factors (weather & forage), hive management basics and hive enclosure "thermodynamics". 

Speaker Details: 

Etienne Tardif is originally from Central Ontario and received his engineering degree from Carleton University in Ottawa. He got his start in beekeeping with a geologist friend as part of mine reclamation project. The beekeeping was done after work hours. It was learn as they go operation as they were the only beekeepers in the area and Beekeeping for Dummies was their primary source of information. He then took a 10 year break as he moved to Yellowknife to work in the diamond industry and then spent another 3 years in Western Australia. He now lives in the Yukon Territory where he works in the winter as a mining consultant and spends his summers with his wife keeping bees, chickens, tending large gardens, hiking and canoeing. He has now kept bees for the last 7 years north of 60 where he has taken a data driven approach to keeping his bees. The Yukon has no beekeeping regulation or existing support structure for beekeeping. Over the 7 years, he has organized a beekeeping course given by a BC Master Beekeeper, has created a Facebook group dedicated to Northern Beekeeping in Yukon, NWT and Alaska, has attended and presented at several Alaskan Beekeeping Symposiums. He has written a few articles for the BC BeesCene (Electric Hive Monitoring in the Yukon, Alaska 2019 Beekeeping Symposium, Bee Forage in the Yukon) and recently published an article in the American Bee Journal November 2020 edition. In 2019, he had the opportunity of presenting on his Adaptive Far North Beekeeping approach in the Yukon at Apimondia. Since 2016, he has started running a 2 Day Intro to Beekeeping course using his Northern Beekeeping Guide. Using the money from his course he has purchased a microscope which he uses to identify Nosema infections in his hives, identify pollen sources and analyze his honey for Honeydew trace elements. He loves everything to do with bees/native pollinators and continuously seeks to expand northern best practice beekeeping. 

He organized a Yukon Beekeeping Club to allow for better networking, raise awareness on beekeeping and or other native pollinators and raise funds for more local bee research. His current focus is on Single Hive management, northern queen rearing/splits and improving hive wintering setups using several hive monitoring sensors. He shares all his findings through the www.northof60beekeeping.comand his Beekeeping North of 60 Facebook group.

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