Bee School 2022

Bee School 2022

3 PM

3 PM

Love bees & want to learn more about beekeeping? Whether you’re a new beekeeper or already know your way around a hive, this 4-day online seminar delivers beneficial information on methods & practices for today’s modern beekeeper. Get updated knowledge & instruction plus opportunities for Q&A with experienced instructors.

Register once to attend all four sessions.

Jan 8  |  Jan 15  |  Jan 22  |  Jan 29  |  10AM - 12PM


Register once to attend all four sessions, or choose which topics you’d like to attend.

(Session end times may vary according to session material.)

Session 1 - Saturday, January 8th

Basic Terminology and Equipment, Dr. Dewey Caron

The Colony and Its Organization, Bill Hesbach

Session 2 - Saturday, January 15th

Setting Up Your Hive in Suburban Areas, Steve Dinsmore

Getting Started in Beekeeping, Randy Oliver

Session 3 - Saturday, January 22nd

Navigating the Management of Your New Colony Through the Seasons, Randy Oliver

Session 4 - Saturday, January 29th

Bee Diseases, Pest Management and the Registration of Your Colonies, Mark Creighton


Dr. Dewey M. Caron

Dr. Caron is an Emeritus Professor of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware, and an Affiliate Professor, in the Department of Horticulture, at Oregon State University. He spent over forty years teaching and doing research at Cornell University, the University of Maryland, and the University of Delaware. He has authored ten books on the care of honey bees and is a regular contributor to the American Bee Journal.

Mark H. Creighton

State of Connecticut Apiary Inspector

Steve Dinsmore

Past President, Connecticut Beekeepers Association

Bill Hesbach

EAS Certified Master Beekeeper

President, Connecticut Beekeepers Association

Randy Oliver

Randy is a renowned speaker, educator, bee biologist, leading researcher, commercial beekeeper, and regular contributor to the American Beekeeping Journal. He is one of the premier beekeeping speakers in the U.S. and the owner/author of